Return Policy

We want to make sure our customers have the best online shopping experience with From time to time errors, miscommunication or unexpected causes can create questions to you on how to return goods or if you can return goods bought from us?

Here you will find all the information regarding our return policy as well as our ‘Money Back Guarantee’. Please read all the policies thoroughly before contacting us for any claims.

All products are Original and Warrantied

The products that we offer on our marketplace are original and are of high quality supplied by leading companies in Sri Lanka. Majority of products come with a warranty period ranging from 6 months, 1 year to 5 years depending on the type of product. Certain items such as clothing (underwear, earrings, swimwear, etc.), food (Sports supplements included), etc. doesn’t come with any warranties, return policy or money back guarantee due to the nature of these items.

Instructions on Making a Claim

To make any claim(s) at, please follow these instructions;

  • Send us a message at [email protected] accurately describing the problem you have encountered and provide evidence (eg: photo evidence, etc.) to support your claim.
  • Include the following mandatory details on the email: invoice number, item name/model, billing & shipping address, phone number, email address, and your full name.
  • State whether you are requesting a replacement, repair, refund or credit.
  • There is no return policy for company warranty products. Once sold, will not take returns.
Money Back Guarantee

The Money Back Guarantee applies to all products on the Marketplace priced at Rs.2,000 or less.

To claim the money back for a product you have purchased from us (Whether it’s been delivered to you already or not), please return the product to our office at No. 34, Flower Road, Colombo 7,  or call us if it’s still not delivered to you, within 1 week (7 days) of the purchase. You should return the goods to us in their original (unopened) condition with package and other material (catalog etc.) that came with the product. We will refund you the original price paid for the goods less 5% transaction fee and our delivery charges if applicable within 1 week (7 days).

  • We are not responsible for the transportation cost of returning a product.
  • There is no return policy for company warranty products. Once sold, will not take returns.
  • 5% transaction fee will be charged whether the product has been dispatched or not. will refund the product through the original payment method made only.

We reserve the right to forfeit the guarantee if we suspect any abuse of our money back guarantee offer.

Manufacturers & Merchants/Dealers Voluntary Warranty
  • Most of the products offered by are covered by a Manufacturers or Merchants/Dealers voluntary warranty. The terms and conditions of such warranties are beyond our control and it is your choice whether to use such warranties. Where possible the time of such warranty will be shown on our website.
  1. For some products it may be more efficient for you to contact the Manufacturer or Merchant/Dealer directly rather than This is particularly so for electronic equipment.