20 Dies Aluminum Cookie Making Machine
20 Dies Aluminium Cookie Making Machine 1

20 Dies Aluminum Cookie Making Machine

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Product Description

20 Dies Aluminum Cookie Making Machine

Biscotti ( Biscuit/Cookie making press)

The new screwing Cookie making Press is a pleasant, useful little machine with which, by changing the dies provided, can bake twenty types of biscuits with the most original forms made directly on the baking tray. Made of pure aluminum, to ensure long life, has been completely renewed in design and functionality

Product Details

  • 20 different dies makes evenly shaped biscuits in different forms and shapes, quickly and easily!
  • Use directly on a baking sheet
  • 20 different templates for 20 original shapes
  • 3 plastic nozzles for decoration with thinner mixtures for icing, creams, and batter for donuts etc
  • Adjustable biscuit thickness: thin or thick
  • Easy to clean
  • Material: Body made of solid aluminum and stainless steel 99.9%
  • included in the package a booklet with recipes and instructions
  • Detailed instructions in several languages and a few recipes


  • Ratchet Drive Mechanism
  • Machined Steel Piston Rod
  • Ridgid Steel Pusher Lever
  • Cookie Thickness Adjustment
  • Strong Dough Piston
  • Non Stick Cap & Seal
  • 20 Cookie Discs
  • Easy Grip Die Cast Ring Nut


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