4M Green Rocket Educational Toy
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4M Green Rocket Educational Toy


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4M Green Rocket Educational Toy

Mad from trash, powered by green energy. Enjoy blasting rocket fun by recycling two drink bottles and a few old magazine pages. Stamp on the empty bottle and watch your rocket fly up to 25 metres (80ft). Learn the underlying physics. It is a cool green science project. Contains 1 set small nut and bolt, 1 set large nut, bolt, washer and split washer screws, 1 set double-sided adhesive tape, 2 x bottle connector halves, 1 x stand arm, 1 x launch tube, 2 x pipe clamp halves, 1 x flexible pipe, 2 x foam rocket heads, 12 x fin templates, 2 x rocket body sheets and detailed instructions.

Learn about Green Energy and make your own Rocket with this amazing set from 4M
All it takes to complete this set is two drinks bottles and an old magazine
Watch your rocket fly up to 80 foot up in the air
Learn the underlying physics with this cool green science project


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