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BPI Best BCAA Shredded

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BPI Best BCAA Shredded


  • Promote lean muscle – Burn fat, not lean muscle mass
  • Optimize recovery – An advanced form of peptide-bonded branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) provide optimal absorption and utilization
  • Support nitric oxide synthase – Promotes pumps, performance, nutrient transport and enhanced recovery
  • Burns fat for fuel – Helps your body burn stored fat for energy to support weight loss, all while decreasing protein catabolism, or the breakdown of protein
  • Citrulline has the potential to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery, keeping your muscles full and enhancing performance so you can train harder, for longer. Oligopeptides act as a better transport vehicle for faster absorption and recovery.

Non-Stimulant Fat-Loss Catatlyst and Lean Muscle Building Formula*†

When trying to lose stubborn body fat and reveal those shredded 6-pack abs, you want to make sure you don’t lose hard-earned muscle in the process. Any kind of low-carb, fasted or calorie restricted diet can lead to unwanted muscle breakdown (catabolism), as your body steals the Amino Acids from stored muscle proteins. By supplementing with Amino Acids you can help avoid this catabolic state, by providing your body with a dietary source of Amino Acids as an alternate source of fuel.*†

Best Best BCAA Shredded provides you with an advanced form of peptide-bonded Branched Chain Amino Acids, for optimal absorption and utilization. In addition, Best BCAA Shredded has been formulated with the peptide-bonded form of Carnitine and Citrulline, to help promote fat burning and performance.*†

Add Best BCAA Shredded to your training and nutrition plan to help reach your 6-pack goals faster!*†

Benefits Lean Muscle and Recovery Recovery and Muscle Repair Weight Loss, Energy and Focus
Features Promote Lean Muscle, Optimize Recovery, Support Nitric Oxide Synthase, Burns Fats For Fuel Repair Your Muscles Faster, Reduce Soreness, Prevent Muscle Breakdown Helps Burn Fat To Fuel Your Body And Mind, Increases Energy and Elevates Performance
How To Take It? Take (1) serving, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach Take (1) serving before, during or after training, or any time throughout your day Take (1) serving (1 scoop) approximately 15-30 minutes prior to training, blended into 8 oz of cold water or beverage
Key Ingredients Oligopeptide-Enzymatic Technology (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine), Oligopeptide-Enzymatic Technology (Citrulline), Carnitine, Grains of Paradise Oligopeptide-Enzymatic Technology (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine), CLA Matrix Blend, Agmatine MCTs (Medium chain triglycerides), BHB Salts (BETA-Hydroxybutyrate), Caffeine Anhydrous, CDP-Choline

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