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Product Description

Fab Foils

Fab Foils is a unique method of applying nail polish to the nails and toenails. It utilizes foil material designs and combines them with a top and base coat of nail polish, and removes with regular nail polish remover. Fab Foils comes with five different foil designs with every order. Users just select the design for their current project, apply a base coat, set the foil design on their nails and transfer it with the applicator, and then peel the foil off. It is intended to be a better solution than getting manicures or pedicures at the salon, because it takes less time and is also less expensive.

What the Infomercial Says

Fab Foils allows users to select their foil style for salon-quality designs. It’s much less time consuming and way more affordable than getting professional manicures at the salon. Users get their pick of five different foil designs and it’s super easy to apply; just select a foil style, apply the base coat, transfer the foil style to the nail using the applicator, and then slowly peel the foil off. Now users can match their nail design with their outfit or their mood! Additionally the designs stay put for two weeks and will not wash off, yet they are easily removed with regular nail polish remover.


  • No drying time
  • Uses foil material to achieve a manicure or pedicure style
  • Users select their own designs
  • Order comes with top coat, base coat, and applicator and five Fab Foils
  • Three steps in the process
  • Can withstand 2 weeks of wear
  • Removes with regular nail polish remover


  1. Use designs to match mood or outfit
  2. Good for all ages
  3. Replacement for manicures at the salon
  4. Casual wear
  5. Dressy wear
  6. Pedicures

How it works

Fab Foils combines nail polish with foil material to create manicures or pedicures similar to those of a salon. The purchase comes with five foils of the user’s choice and they simply correlate the foils with the base and/or top coat.

How to use it

  1. Select a foil design out of the Fab Foils lineup
  2. Apply the base coat
  3. Transfer the foil design to the nails using the applicator
  4. Gently peel the foil off by hand.


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