Farlin 240ml Gulu Gulu Sippy Cup - AET-012-B
Farlin 240ml Gulu Gulu Sippy Cup - AET-012-B

Farlin 240ml Gulu Gulu Sippy Cup AET-012-B


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Product Description

Farlin 240ml Gulu Gulu Sippy Cup AET-012-B

Cup with lid and tap drinking water to help her without choking. Handles combined with wavy ridges so baby can easily grip, non-slip as the collection of drinking glasses. Farlin-AET012B drinking cup set is a good instrument to switch from baby bottle to drinking from a regular cup. It also helps to improve the coordination between hand and mouth. When your baby has enough motor skills to hold the cup, but do not have the ability to remove air when drinking, drinking cup set can Farlin Baby independence and helps to keep your baby clean is easy.


  • Material Safety
  • Gulu Gulu drinking cup set has silicone tip, made of plastic, BPA safe.
  • Production line technology on safety and its quality Farlin.
  • Spill-proof silicone tip
  • With a spill-resistant design and prevent the risk of suffocation for the baby.
  • Faucets made of silicone foam soft and gentle with young gums.
  • Specially designed easy to use for baby
  • With handle design with wavy ridges help hold little easier when using the product.
  • Hygiene and convenience
  • Drinking cup set can AET012B boiled, autoclaved.
  • Very convenient when used for juice, smoothies and other foods, and even go out to the toilet lid.



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