Farlin baby sling safety BF- 503A
Farlin baby sling safety BF- 503A

Farlin Baby Sling Safety BF-503A


Product Description

Farlin Baby Sling Safety BF-503A

 Farlin Baby Sling Safety BF-503A is designed to be simple, to help disperse the weight regularly on both sides of the strap, shoulder fatigue resistance and safety for parents of nursery. It is the ideal companion to take her family to go out, shopping or traveling afar.

Product information

– Made from durable material according to EU standards.

– Wire child support is very solid and can be adjusted flexibly.

– Plates leaned surely make baby feel comfortable, pleasant.

– Lock child safety protection, rust resistant lock both sides to help you take her in and picked him up very easily.

– There are two safety hooks on wire supports special feeling safe.

– Trademarks are registered in the UK, the US and globally, delegate producer in Taiwan.


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