Farlin Silicone Anti-FUR Nipple H-1S

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Farlin Silicone Anti-FUR Nipple H-1S

Product Details

– Designed specifically to help combat furry tongue.

– Ventilation valve at the bottom knob all companies help milk flow, aeration helps baby not choke.

– Khoay round top made of thick knob helps knob durable company.

– Pacifiers are made from materials firm Silicone durable, safe for young children

– Size: S

– Manufacturer: Farlin


FARLIN   brand is renowned neonatal map of Taiwan, was established in 1972. Over 40 years of the birth and development, FARLIN has partnered with more than 80 exclusive agents worldwide to supply products Top quality in the field of child health care. Sleek, multiple functions, advanced technology and high quality are the main factors contributing to Farlin beyond names. The diversity of form stocks and rich in variety helped FARLIN become intimate companions for millions of families. 


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