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Farlin Stretchy Anti-Fur Nipple SMLXL (H-1)
Farlin Stretchy Anti-Fur Nipple SMLXL (H-1)

Farlin Stretchy Anti-Fur Nipple H-1+

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Product Description

Farlin Stretchy Anti-Fur Nipple H-1+

Product Description

Farlin Silicone Nipple (H-1)
Farlin Silicone Nipples are made of high quality silicone. These silicone nipples are specially designed to be similar to mother’s nipple shape. They ensure correct placement in baby’s mouth and encourage healthy oral exercise.


Special strengthened circle design on top is more durable for cross cut.
Lengthened air valve on base allows for constant flow of liquid.
Constant flow of milk, helps to prevent colic.
With special base, that fits well with the bottleneck, so prevents leakage and improper air-in.


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