Farlin Wide Glass Vase Stock ABB . B001 . 24 (240cc)
Farlin Wide Glass Vase Stock ABB . B001 . 24 (240cc)

Farlin Wide Glass Vase Stock ABB-B001-24 (240cc)


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Product Description

Farlin Wide Glass Vase Stock ABB-B001-24 (240cc)

Stock Farlin ABB-B001-24 average width (240cc) is supported care products perfect nutrition for the baby in the early stages of life. Designed in conjunction with a wide neck bottle accessories silicone parts with safety valve ventilation, average food preparation helps you easily and create a sense of comfort to the baby while feeding milk . Body average glass made of superior heat resistance up to 600 ° C and anti-deformation well for you comfortable using.

Bình Thủy Tinh Farlin Cổ Rộng ABB.B001.24 (240cc)

Product information

Material glass and high-grade silicone

Stock Farlin ABB.B001.24 average width (240cc) with average body is molded from high quality glass, keep warm long, heat resistant up to 600 degrees Celsius and does not cause a chemical reaction when mixing foods. PP plastic lid BPA safe for your baby’s health. Part accessories made from silicone bottle soft furry tongue should not do, not to affect the baby’s jaw bone structure.

Vivid decoration, medium diameter fingertips

Stock Farlin ABB.B001.24 average width (240cc) will definitely stimulate your baby’s visual image through natural fire trains, sun and clouds colors are printed on the surface of the jar. Compactness average diameter very handy when using collective baby hand muscles flexible. Average surface smoothness combined with the wide neck design makes it easy to clean the product. In addition, there are also average graduations available to help you determine who and water more accurately.

Accessories ventilation mean anti choke valve

Stock Farlin ABB.B001.24 average width (240cc) have accessories fitted average ventilation safety valve regulates the air pressure and the speed of the line help when feeding your baby does not choke and minimizing complete foul.

– Origin: Taiwan


– Clean, maybe boiled or sterilized before use.

– Keep in a dry, cool at room temperature.


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