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Get Fit – Perfect Portions 14 Piece Container Set

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Get Fit – Perfect Portions 14 Piece Container Set

Portion Control Made Easy. No more counting calories or giving up foods you love. With the Perfect Portions Control System, you can start losing weight fast. Color coded, microwave safe food containers distinguish the different food groups ensuring a full, healthy diet.

  • No more counting calories; fill the portion control containers
  • and lose weight by eating^Color coded food storage containers for different food groups^Microwave safe^Meal plan and recipe guide included to help you lose weight fast^Great for monitoring serving size for meals and snacks

How it works:

Special color-coded containers are clearly labeled by food group. Simply fill them to perfectly measure meals fast!. No more counting calories or measuring ounces. Eat directly from the containers or combine on a plate for delicious meals. Perfect portions every time!.

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