GETSUN Rubberized Undercoat Spray

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GETSUN Rubberized Undercoat Spray

Keep your expensive vehicle protected at all times with the Getsun Rubberized Undercoat Spray. With innovative rust preventive components, the spray has the ability to form a protective coat and protect the underbelly of the vehicle from stones and other debris. The Getsun Rubberized Undercoat Spray comes in a 500ml can and provides industrial grade quality.


  • Prevents Build-up of Rust
  • Thick Rubberized Coat
  • Seals Wounds
  • Resistance to High Temperatures (-25°C to 500°C)
  • Provides Resistance against Oil, Acid and Alkalines


  • Brand: Getsun
  • Model: G 2048A
  • Volume: 500ml