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GETSUN Rubberized Undercoat Spray

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Product Description

GETSUN Rubberized Undercoat Spray

Keep your expensive vehicle protected at all times with the Getsun Rubberized Undercoat Spray. With innovative rust preventive components, the spray has the ability to form a protective coat and protect the underbelly of the vehicle from stones and other debris. The Getsun Rubberized Undercoat Spray comes in a 500ml can and provides industrial grade quality.


  • Prevents Build-up of Rust
  • Thick Rubberized Coat
  • Seals Wounds
  • Resistance to High Temperatures (-25°C to 500°C)
  • Provides Resistance against Oil, Acid and Alkalines


  • Brand: Getsun
  • Model: G 2048A
  • Volume: 500ml