Glam Twirl Hair Braider and Wrapper

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Glam Twirl Hair Braider and Wrapper

  • Easy & Automatic Hair Braider and Hair Wrap Styling Tool
  • Product Description
  • Do you love to try new braid styles for your hair, but can’t quite seem to keep the strands straight?
  • Try the Glam Twirl Fashion Kit and get head-turning braids in seconds.
  • As seen on TV, styling your hair with the Glam Twirl is easy, fast and fun.
  • No more messing with extra clips, confusing tutorials and braids that won’t stay together.
  • With the Glam Twirl hair styler, you just twirl it, wrap it and snap it for a colorful hairstyle all your own.
  • With removable twirler and hair wrap heads for the Glam Twirl Styling Wand, braiding by hand is a thing of the past.
  • Glam Twirl automatically twirls and twist to give you beautiful twist braids or wrapped strands in seconds.
  • The automatic rotating motion creates double strand, trendy braids and can also effortlessly create hair wraps.
  • The hair braider kit also comes with colorful wrapping thread, styling beads and rubber