Inverted Umbrella With C-Shape Handle

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Inverted Umbrella With C-Shape Handle


  • Designed for Car users: Innovated reverse opening mechanism. You only need to open your car door a little to fold or unfold the umbrella. Always protected on rainy days, no more vulnerable moments when getting in or out of the car. Staying clean, staying dry. It is the best gift for car users.
  • No Dripping: When closed, the inverted design traps the water inside, while the outside is still nice and dry. Now you are not bringing a dripping wet umbrella into your car, your home or a crowded bus. That means you don’t have the hassle cleaning up the mess created by a traditional umbrella.
  • Your Friend in any Weather: Large 43.5-inch diameter keeps you dry. The aerodynamic double-layer canopy provides resistance against strong winds and blocks out 97% harmful UV lights from the sun.  Plus, the ribs are hidden between the two layers so they don’t catch your hairs or fingers. And it looks much nicer!
  • Hands-Free: Put your arm through the creative C-shape handle, hold it in place without occupying your hand. Very convenient for cell phone users, heavy shoppers, and mothers with a baby in their arms. It literally gives you an extra hand in the rain.
  • Premium Quality: High-density water repellent Pongee canopy, strong and resilient glass fiber skeleton, solid metal tip built for stand-up position, frosted sweat-proof coated C-shape handle, all the above put together with the best craftsmanship. This new umbrella is smarter, stronger and better looking than traditional ones. Give yourself a treat and shine through those rainy days.



  • Fabric Material: High-density Double layers water repellent Pongee fabric
  • Skeleton Material: Glass fiber resilient ribs, metal alloy tip, electroplated steel shaft
  • Handle: Rubberized plastic C-shape handle with sweat-proof matte finish