LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

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LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

Musical Rainbow Tea Party-Interact & imagine

Interact & imagine

Kids can host a tea party, hear tea gurgling and see it slosh realistically through the teapot’s heart-shaped window.

Musical Rainbow Tea Party-Light-up teapot

Light-up teapot

Teapot lights up in 6 colors to teach color names, and plays 7 songs. Tip, sip and share tea with friends in two cups.

Musical Rainbow Tea Party-Colorful cake

Colorful cake

Practice motor skills serving and sharing 6 cake pieces, then match the cake to the “flavor” of tea you’ve chosen!

Musical Rainbow Tea Party-Sweet surprises

Sweet surprises

Lift the teapot’s lid to reveal a shiny mirror, play peek-a-boo and hear fun sounds.


  • Colors
  • Counting
  • Social Skills
  • Matching
The Learning Difference

The Musical Rainbow Tea Party introduces essential preschool skills from early vocabulary to counting while building social skills like sharing, taking turns and patience.