Leapfrog Peek A Shoe Octopus

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Leapfrog Peek A Shoe Octopus

Peek-a-Shoe™ Talking Octopus - French Version-Have a ball

Have a ball

Grap, drop, lift, repeat. Peekaboo surprises encourage endless play and nurture motor skill development.

Peek-a-Shoe™ Talking Octopus - French Version-Count on a friend

Count on a friend

Explore numbers, counting and colors, and learn about sea creatures with your talking, singing pal.

Peek-a-Shoe™ Talking Octopus - French Version-Shake a leg

Shake a leg

Press the music button and dance along to learning songs.

Peek-a-Shoe™ Talking Octopus - French Version-An ocean of fun

An ocean of fun

Keep the play and learning going by ordering a for your pal.

  • Product dimensions:  42Wx30.5Hx15.3D
  • Package weight:  1.47 kg


  • Counting
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Colors
The Learning Difference

Peek-a-Shoe™ Talking Octopus rewards physical exploration, helping children to coordinate the muscles needed to lift, push, drop and grasp—which will be key to writing and other future skills.