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Liqui Moly Car Wash Shampoo

Liqui Moly
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Product Description

Liqui Moly Car Wash Shampoo


For a thorough carwash. Is gentle on the paint and produces a gloss. Car Wash Shampoo, with its wash-active substances, eliminates dust and oil and greasy dirt without a trace. Highly biodegradable.


Before using a sponge,  rough dirt has to be removed with high pressure resp. with a strong water jet. Shake Car Wash Shampoo vigorously before use and then mix with water. 50 ml of the product (approx. 5 capfuls) is sufficient for 10 litres of water. Apply the mixture using a sponge to the paintwork to be cleaned and spread out for cleaning. After this, rinse well with water and leather the surface.

Content – 1L