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Liqui Moly Primer Filler

Liqui Moly

Product Description

Liqui Moly Primer Filler



Multipurpose primer filler for paint repairs. The high solids content allows optimal results to be achieved even when used for small repairs. Ideal for spot repair applications, particularly on sanding spots. Excellent adhesive and corrosion protection properties even on problematic substrates such as aluminum and galvanized sheet steel.


The surfaces to be treated must be dry, clean and free of rust, grease and stripping agents. Sand down problematic substrates. Shake can well for at least 2 minutes. Spray at a distance of approx. 15-20 cm. Apply either in a circular motion or several crosswise motions, allowing some flash-off time in between. Can be overpainted with all standard car paints after 10-15 minutes. After use, invert the riser pipe and spray head and depress the nozzle until only propellant escapes.


Content- 400ml