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Mushroom Shape Photo-catalyst Mosquito Killing Lamp

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Product Description

Mushroom Shape Photo-catalyst Mosquito Killing Lamp

New type mushroom shape Photo-catalyst Mosquito-killing Lamp mosquito repellent lamp with 6 LED light!!!

Features and function

  1. This product is cute mushroom appearance, use conveniently, non-toxic tasteless, do not use any chemicals.
  2. Innovative design enables easy collection and cleaning of insect bodies.
  3. Compact and convenient, low power consumption, etc, powered by normal plug.
  4. Cover and body are easy to separate to clean the machine inside.
  5. 2-in-1 functions: bug zapper, night lamp


  1. The LED lamps give out light and attract insect into a storage box.
  2. High electric fan, kill insect immediately.
  3. Collection and cleaning the insect bodies