Pest Reject

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Pest Reject

✔ Easy to use, just plug in
✔ No chemical products; Eco-friendly; No maintenance necessary
✔ Reaches up to 200m2 (an average flat)
✔ Unlimited Duration! No refills; Works 24h/day; 365 days/ year
✔ Ultrasound is effective for: Flies & mosquitoes
✔ Electromagnetism is effective for: Cockroaches, spiders, bugs, ants, rodents
✔ Has a practical nightlight
✔ Expect results after 1 to 3 weeks
✔ Controls rats, mice, cockroaches, fly and mosquitoes
✔ Non-toxic electromagnetic pulse
✔ Safe for humans and pets

Little Thief succumbing In turn, must escape the kitchen There is no space to live longer with them rats and insects Pest Reject.
It works by using two advanced technologies.

Electromagnetism – Animal noise interference. Through wires in the walls of the home. This signal will help them rats, cockroaches, spiders, ants.
Ultrasound Waves – Ultrasound wave. Interference by various pests. Give out your home The ultrasound wave helps keep the mosquitoes and flies.

Safe for children and pets (Except animal species Rat, Chinchillas or Guinea Pigs, which might disturb the animals in this series).
Do not disturb comp pewter. And various appliances in the home.

Environmentally safe Because there is no chemical smell and
50/60 Hz frequency
Power 230 V AC

How to use:
Pest Reject plug into the air to wave and signal. Fully functional
The red light will appear. To activate the machine
Yellow light appears To show that the signal Electromagnetism start
Contract language as the green light is displayed. To show that ultrasound wave starts.
Expect results after 1 to 3 weeks
You can press the front for use at night. For safety And shows where the machine is connected.