AVENT Feeding Bottle SCF660/17 1 Advanced Classic 125ml

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AVENT Feeding Bottle SCF660/17 1 Advanced Classic 125ml

Good feeding , good sleeping

Helps settle your baby, especially at night**

Fussing is by far the most commonly known crying behavior in babies. The Philips AVENT
Advanced Classic feeding bottle significantly reduces colic*** and fussing. Fussing is
reduced especially at night.**

Reduce fussing and discomfort
• Clinically proven to significantly reduce fussing

One piece anti-colic valve system
• Allows air into the bottle instead of your baby’s tummy

Highly durable
• Honey-colored BPA-Free PES material for extra durability

Easy to clean
• Only three components for ease of cleaning

To fit your baby’s growing needs
• Five different nipple flow rates are available


Country of origin
• England

• BPA free*

What is included
• Advanced Classic Bottle: 1 pcs

• Capacity: 125 oz
• Material: BPA free, Highly durable

• Bottle design: Easy to assemble, Easy to clean, Easy
to hold, Wide neck

• Anti-colic valve: One piece valve

Development stages
• Stages: 0-6 months, 0 – 6 months


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