Philips Avent PP Adapter Ring For Feeding Bottles SCF200/00 Classic

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Philips Avent PP Adapter Ring For Feeding Bottles SCF200/00 Classic


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    Philips Avent
    Baby Bottles
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    Bottle Adapter Ring
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    The Philips SCF200/00 AVENT Adapter Ring works with Philips AVENT Classic feeding bottles. Part of the Avent anti colic valve, the adapter ring helps the valve move air into the bottle and keep it out of baby’s delicate tummy to reduce uneasiness. The ring fits on bottles seamlessly to create a leak proof seal. It is the perfect way to replace old, damaged or lost rings, preventing leaks and increasing the durability of Classic feeding bottles. Safe for babies and toddlers, the adapter ring, is made from BPA free materials.

    Key Features

    BPA free

    Allows air into the bottle instead of your baby’s tummy

    Suitable for newborn babies up to 6 months

    Adapter ring for Classic bottle

    Avent Bottle Adapter Ring

    Complete Control

    The Philips SCF200/00 AVENT Adapter Ring work with Philips Avent Classic feeding nipples to mimic natural feeding. It lets your baby control the flow of milk with his/her tongue, keeping them from overeating. This natural motion makes it easier for your bundle of joy to transition from breastfeeding to bottles, and drink without putting in much effort.

    Avent Bottle Adapter Ring

    Anti Colic Valve

    When paired with a Philips Avent Classic nipple, the adapter ring creates an anti colic valve that allows air to flow into the bottle. Thus, it keeps air out of baby’s tummy, reducing fussiness. The adapter ring fits on most Philips AVENT Classic polypropylene bottles to create a leak proof seal for preventing spills.

    Avent Bottle Adapter Ring

    Easy to Clean

    Since this adapter ring is crafted out of BPA free materials, it is extremely safe and secure for your little toddler to use. Cleaning this ring is no hassle either, as you can sterilize it with ease or rinse it under a tap of running water.


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