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Power Jam 3 In One Power Bank (Speaker / Mobile Stand / Power Bank)

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Product Description

Power Jam 3 In One Power Bank (Speaker / Mobile Stand / Power Bank)

Playing Music

Take out the product top cover, insert the two 3.5mm audio plugs to the port of port of the product and of the phone. LED light turning blue means the connection is successful. Adjust the volume and press the play button on the phone. The product will recognize the audio signal automatically and play.

Charging Phones

Take out the product top cover. connect the smartphone to the product via the data / charging will begin.

Product Specifications

  • Input: 5V – 1A
  • Output : 5V – 1A
  • Dimensions : 29*30*138mm


  • USB input / Output data cable
  • Power Bank
  • User Manual

Usage Insturctions

  • Please fully charge the product before first use
  • Please use the provided cable or correct cable only to charge the product
  • Before charging other device, make sure input voltage of the product
  • Do not put the product in strong sunlight or near fire
  • Do not leave the product in car as high temperature in car may damage the product
  • Do not put anything in product’s USB port, as this may cause short – circuit damage

Suitable For

  • Smartphone
  • MP3 / MP4
  • PSP / NDS