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Swing Weights – Fitness Walking Dumbbells Hand Weights

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Swing Weights – Fitness Walking Dumbbells Hand Weights

What If You Could Shed Fat and Tone your Whole Body in Just 20 Minutes per Day Without a Gym Membership, or Having to do Any Intense Exercises. And what if it were as easy as just walking…

  • Walk with Swing Weights for just 20 minutes a day, get fresh air, shed fat, and tone your whole body.
  • Strengthens & sculpts your arms, shoulders, backs, abs, and legs.
  • No gym membership needed, no high intensity exercising required.
  • Use Swing Weights anywhere, even while traveling!
  • Recent studies have shown that just 20 minutes of exercise a week is enough to significantly reduce the risk of dying prematurely.
  • Your friends and family will be jealous when they see how your physique changes

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  • Turn your short 20-minute walk into a fat shedding FULL body workout!
  • No toxic supplements needed – that don’t work and are bad for you.
  • Sculpts your entire body, including your abs
  • Never miss a workout again, use Swing Weights on vacation, on your lunch break, and almost anywhere else you go, all you need is 20 minutes!
  • It doesn’t matter your age, works great for anyone!
  • Use Swing Weights™ while you walk for a low-impact full-body workout!
  • Increases your energy, makes you more vibrant, and feel healthier.
  • The unique and patented L shape suspends the weight 6” below the hand to promote arm swing and engage the upper-arms better than wristbands or dumbbells.
  • Swing Weights™ are motivating, fun to use, and ergonomically designed to work with your body’s natural motion.
  • The weights have comfortable padded hands and a cushioned wrist strap to prevent squeezing and fatiguing hand muscles.

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