General Terms & Conditions

  • Up to 15% Off DFCC Credit Card Offer! Maximum discount Rs.22,500.00 and two transaction per card during the promotion.
  • Easy payment plans available for transactions between Rs.25,000.00 to Rs.600,000.00 (T&C’s Apply).
  • Discount will not be valid on additional charges* such as delivery, additional warranty, etc.
  • Cardholders may contact hotline 0719 999 274 for more information pertaining to the promotion.
  • Card holders(s) is/are to settle the total bill payment via the DFCC Bank Credit and Debit card(s) to be eligible for the offers mentioned herein.
  • The offers cannot be exchanged for cash and/or used in conjunction with any other promotional programs or offers provided by service establishments involved in this promotion.
  • The convenience fee of 2.1% on the value of the transactions will continue to apply as imposed by the Terms & Conditions of
  • DFCC Bank reserves the right to withdraw, modify or change all or any of the rules, terms & conditions applicable to this promotion at any given time without prior notice.
  • DFCC Bank accepts no liability for the quality of goods and services provided by the service establishments involved in this promotion since the Bank is not the supplier of such goods and services.
  • DFCC Bank accepts no liability for the quality of goods and services provided by the service establishments involved in this promotion.
  • If any dispute arises regarding any of the terms and conditions contained herewith, the decision of the respective service establishment & DFCC Bank shall be final.
  • Promotion will not be applicable for commercial use purchases.
  • The General Credit Card terms and conditions will continue to apply.
  • The promotion is bound by the terms & conditions of and DFCC Bank.
  • The excess discount values offered at point of purchase for Cardholders, if any, will be reversed subsequently and will reflect on the next credit card statement.

Installment Plans

  • Installment facility is only available for credit cards issued by DFCC Bank.
  • 0% Installments availble for:
    Aloka Card Up to 6 months for orders between Rs.25,000.00 to Rs.1,000.000.00 (Setup Fee Rs.1,500)
    Prestige Card Up to 6 months for orders between Rs.25,000.00 to Rs.1,000.000.00 (Setup Fee Rs.1,500)
    Salary Partner Card Up to 6 months for orders between Rs.25,000.00 to Rs.600.000.00 (Setup Fee Rs.1,500)
    Pinnacle Card Up to 6 months for orders between Rs.50,000.00 to Rs.600.000.00 (Setup Fee Rs.1,500)
    Pinnacle Card Up to 12 months for orders between Rs.200,000.00 to Rs.2,000.000.00 (Setup Fee Rs.1,500)
    World Mastercard Card Up to 24 months for orders between Rs.10,000.00 to Rs.600.000.00 (Setup Fee Rs.2,000)
  • Minimum total transaction installment is Rs.10,000.00 & maximum value is Rs.600,000.00 (Only for Credit Card holders). Values displayed on Items above Rs.100,000.00 will be incorrect due to the maximum discount. Additional fees applicable, for more details contact the card center.
  • Card holder must contact the DFCC card center within 3 days from the purchase date to convert the payment to a installment plan.
  • Below rates are approximate values and may differ from the actual. For more details, please contact the DFCC Card Center. Please note the below rates may change without prior notice.
    Monthly Plan Processing fee per month Setup Fee (Rs.)
    3 Months 3.00% 1,500
    6 Months 1.79% 1,500
    7 Months 1.57% 1,500
    9 Months 1.33% 1,500
    12 Months 1.29% 1,500
    18 Months 1.14% 1,850
    24 Months 0.94% 2,000
    36 Months 0.81% 2,350
    48 Months 0.79% 2,500
    60 Months 0.72% 2,750
  • In order to enjoy the installment facility, the DFCC credit cardholders would need to contact DFCC Bank on 0112 350 000 after completing the purchase and request to convert into an installment plan within 30 days of the transaction date.
  • The Transaction must be within the customers approved Credit Limit & transactions performed by depositing funds over the credit limit will not be eligible for this promotion.

IMPORTANT – In the event that transactions made 5 days prior to billing cycle are to be converted to Easy Payment Plans, they will be converted only during the next billing period. In this instance, the cardholder will be required to settle the amount stated in the statement. The installment plan will come into effect from the next billing cycle on-wards.

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