eCommerce company moves to Flower Road showroom

Published : Daily Mirror 2015-11-16

The new outlet features a large showroom area which enables products to be displayed much better, providing customers with added convenience. Keeping with’s customer-centric vision, the outlet is designed to offer maximum comfort to customers, from spacious and one on one customer care, to a comfortable seating area customers can make use of whilst waiting to be served.

Further, customers can use the ordering stations made available to browse products online and place orders directly from the showroom as well. Situated in the heart of Colombo, the new showroom will be open for longer hours and will enable customers to pick up their purchases with ease.

With this new showroom will ensure that customers not only get the finest products at the best value, but also at their convenience. Managing Partner Mirfaz Mohideen said, “Through our new showroom we hope to showcase a wider variety of products offering to our customers. This also provides our suppliers with a larger area in which to display, advertise and promote their products, leading to a win-win situation for all.”

Christopher Wijeysooriya and Mirfaz Mohideen founded in 2013. Since the inception have grown to one of the top contenders in the eCommerce industry in Sri Lanka with more than 1,000+ amazing product deals ranging in areas of electronics, personal care, home appliances, sports supplements just to name a few. Complete Online Shopping Experience – Esteem Magazine Sri Lanka

Published :  Esteem Magazine Sri Lanka February/March Issue, 2015

Esteem Magazine Article 2015

Posted by Esteem Magazine on Sunday, February 22, 2015


Written By Gopitha Kiribandara

Growing up in Sri Lanka in the nineties, my early memories of shopping consist of the trips we went as a family to the markets and showrooms in and around Colombo. We would wake up early on a Saturday morning, finish the household chores and hop into the car to buy goods for the week. My mother would then play ‘tour guide’ as my father drove round the city to various grocery stores, vegetable markets, appliance and the apparel stores to buy whatever was needed to pamper the family. 20 years have come and gone, and life has never been the same; the arrival of online commerce portals such as have all but made these weekly shopping rounds nothing but a distant memory.


A shopping experience like no other, is the physical manifestation of a creative vision of two successful and experienced young entrepreneurs: Christopher Wijeysooriya and Mirfaz Mohideen. Having spent a considerable number of years in the Unites States, both Chris and Mirfaz felt that life in Sri Lanka was too slow for their liking. “We lived in the US for over 6 years, and got used to the habit of ordering everything online which saved us so much time and hassle. Coming back to Sri Lanka in 2012 and having to do everything manually didn’t work out well for us… therefore we decided to start an online eShop.” Their aim was to open a shop that offered reasonable pricing options and a customer friendly service. Since its inception in 2013, has been able to stay true to this motive, rising in esteem and popularity as more and more clients started using the website to fulfill their shopping needs.


The term ‘Wasi’ in itself holds an allure as it defines the Lankan feeling with cultural intonations. Derived from the Sinhala language, the word Wasi gives the impression of positivity and mutual benefit. Elaborating further in this regard, Chris states the real reason behind the selection: ‘We wanted to make sure we find a name true to our company… to make sure we stayed “Made in Sri Lanka.”


However the main focus of has always centered on the world of the customer: catering to the core needs of the average Sri Lankan shopper, Wasi also provides new services that may please even the most selective of clients. Presenting a collection of items that range from mobile phones, cameras, computers, healthcare and personal care products to appliances, electronics and toys, the list on the site keeps expanding in a bid to realize every possible shopping need.


Fueled on by the drive and passion to succeed, the team has further introduced many attractive incentives that are bound to grab the heart of the consumer. “Be it our path-breaking services like Cash on Delivery, a 7-day return policy, free Islandwide shipping coupled with NEXT DAY delivery and of course the great prices that we offer, everything we do revolves around our obsession with providing our customers a memorable online shopping experience,” Chris shares enthusiastically on the subject, adding that the website also carries special offers at regular intervals to maintain consumer interest. “For all Sports Supplement products we’re running a campaign offering FREE shaker bottles for every single purchase. We will be running Radio Advertisements from February 5th to March 31st, and plan on giving away FREE gifts for listeners during radio shows.”


The drive to climb further ever present in his words, Chris reveals his plans to expand the business to include showroom space in the heart of Colombo. The store will carry the same range of items that are available on the website; customers who enjoy doing the weekly shopping rounds will find the Wasi showroom to their liking with their easy price range and frequent promotional campaigns.


The journey thus far has been commendable; within the space of two years, the eShop has been able to cement its position as a complete online shopping experience. “Our vision for the company is to make the #1 website for online shoppers in Sri Lanka & Sri Lankan’s living abroad…” Chris states in a moment of honest revelation. He accepts the challenge of creating a shopping culture like no other, in which a customer enters and exits with a smile on his face. Embarked upon excellence, the future of appears bright and set to take on the world.

Posted by Esteem Magazine on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 named TOP eCommerce start-up company in Sri Lanka – Economic Times India

Published :  Economic Times India (Online) 23 Jul, 2014
By Harsimran Julka and Vijayakumar Pitchiah

Though India dominates the technology startup landscape in South Asia, countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are making a beginning as well. Online commerce is growing strongly as are marketplaces to find jobs or homes.


Cash on delivery now available at – Daily Mirror

Published : Daily Mirror – Business (Print Edition)  June 21, 2014

Since its launch, www.wasi. lk has quickly grown to become the premier one-stop-shop for all your discounted good needs in Sri Lanka. Over the past several months, has undergone many changes to help accommodate its growing business and the booming demand for its products. With the dedicated team committed to the development of, you can be rest assured that your needs will continue to be met and that you will continue to find everything that you are looking for in an online shopping mall. Great things are coming for, and now is the best time for you to begin taking advantage of the great savings that you will find by shopping with them.

If you are looking for a new way to pay for your goods, look no further than Now available for customers living in Colombo 1 to Colombo 15, for a fee of Rs.150, is a convenient new payment method called C.O.D. or cash on delivery. Now you have the added luxury of shopping with security. Simply place your C.O.D. order online and wait for their arrival before presenting your payment. With this easy method of payment, you no longer need to worry about managing a credit card or items arriving that do not meet your expectations. Depending on the item, arrival will be between one to two business days at which time you will have the opportunity of presenting your payment. At, the staff is dedicated to their consumers’ confidence in the products, delivery and service and strives to make every portion of the purchase process as straightforward and simple as possible. With the cash on delivery method, you are being presented with an even easier method to make your purchases with the same guarantees that you would receive from any online purchase.

Another great benefit that you can receive when choosing is islandwide delivery. In addition, all orders placed before 2:00 p.m. on weekdays have the added benefit of being delivered next day for your utmost convenience. is the only online shopping mall to offer this service and one that consumers should use to their benefit. When ordering from other sites, you may have to wait several days or weeks to receive your order but by choosing, you can receive the same products at a discount in record time.

It is time for you to end the process of spending exorbitant amounts of money for products that take weeks to arrive. Instead, you can save time and money by ordering through Customers will have the benefit of receiving the personal touch of special delivery and will never again be left waiting many days for your order to arrive.

Whether you make your payment up front or choose the cash on delivery option, you will receive the same care and dedication that you have come to expect from Keep checking back for all the new and exciting things that are in store at, as the company continues to grow and develop in order to better serve its consumers. – YAMU Review

Published :  May 16, 2014

Sri Lanka’s online market is expanding at breakneck speed and everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon – which is great for customers, obviously. You have the somewhat established stalwarts like kapruka and, and then the relatively newer online stores like and now


Site & Products

Wasi set up just under a year ago and is trying to get a foothold in the market by offering discounted price on a variety of products, including consumer electronics, branded watches, sports supplements, house-hold goods and vouchers. All their products apparently hold warranties by their respective authorized agents in the island, which is a huge comfort for people wary of vague return policies and defective products.

The site itself is thankfully clutter-free and easy to manoeuvre. Finding what you want is straightforward as there are plenty of categories and sub-categories. You can also filter by price and brand for even greater specificity. We feel that maybe a little bit of streamlining would be a good idea though.


Spreading themselves so thin category-wise means that there’s more width than depth. For example, they have stuff like vouchers for facials, sports supplements, washing machines, blenders and iPads a couple of clicks away from each other. However, they don’t have basic accessories like computer speakers or portable power banks. Maybe expanding the personal electronics and accessories section (chargers, speakers, earphones etc are always quick sellers), as well as the vouchers section (which only has cutting salon stuff at the moment) would be help.

The prices are good, on par with most other places that offer discounts and deals, and definitely cheaper than a conventional shop.

Payment & Delivery

They offer a three-pronged payment system – either online via credit/debit card through a Seylan Bank gateway, or via Dialog E-Z Cash. Alternatively, direct bank transfers or cash payments are possibly either at their office or on delivery. Cash on delivery purchases are an extra Rs. 150 but are worth it for the extra convenience.

Delivery is generally free within Colombo 1-15, and all-island delivery is available at a slight premium (you’ll have to check as you order, the price is variable to location). They also deliver within one day if you order before 2pm, which is pretty commendable. If you’re in the Borella area you could just visit their office and pay/pick up your order the next day too.

The initial ordering set-up is a fairly painless (albeit 7 step) process, as you have to create an account and enter your billing address etc. Once that’s done, ordering is really very quick.


We’re not sure how big their staff is but their service is quick and efficient. Within milliseconds of making our order (on a Friday), a confirmation email arrived. Within minutes, a service representative called me up to confirm the address directions and a convenient time. I told him I’d be okay with Monday, since I’d be gone over the weekend and he said he’d send it by today in that case. So we have to give them top points for their underpromise-overdeliver attitude.

We did some snooping on their reviews and facebook site and noticed that clearly the good service is an established thing – lots of positive feedback!

Conclusion has quite a few established online stores to contend with, but they have a simple and easy site, and efficient, dedicated service on their side. We do hope they can extend their products a bit more though.

Amazing discounts from – Sunday Times

Published : Business Times (Print Edition)  December 6, 2013



Christmas discounts on – DailyFT

Published : 12:00 am  December 6, 2013

Looking for that one stop shop where convenience, a wide range of products and unbelievable discounts are abundant all year through? Look no further than Sri Lanka’s very own online discount retail store As its name suggests, offers customers amazing discounts on a continual basis on a comprehensive range of items that include consumer electronics, home appliances, personal care items, branded watches, sports supplements and computer accessories.

Founded in August 2013 by Christopher Wijesooriya and Mirfaz Mohideen, the store has already grown from featuring 30 different products to over 300 products in an extremely short span of time, and is continuing to add further to its already vast portfolio of items. Having teamed up with over 10 leading authorised dealers in Sri Lanka, the store will shortly be including clothing lines and gourmet tea by a well known tea producer to its online web store.

With its user friendly website, offers customers integrated online payment options that are both secure and reliable. A local bank payment gateway (IPG) is soon to be introduced on the website to make your shopping experience much more convenient. For orders placed before 2 p.m., delivery of goods are guaranteed the very next day making that perfect one stop shop for quick and hassle-free shopping.

Top notch customer service is a priority at The store’s hotline 0117 900 444 is dedicated to helping out customers who have queries about the goods offered and orders made. Those wanting to make immediate cash transaction can visit the office.

In keeping with the festivities of the Christmas season, will be having a site wide flash sale from 14 to 24 December where discounts on products will be at an unbeatable low up-to 90% off. Be sure to log in to to make your Christmas and New Year shopping an unforgettable and affordable experience this holiday season! to redefine local e-commerce – DailyFT

Published : 12:00 am  August 26, 2013

Chris Wijeysooriya and Mohamed Mohideen, two young spectacular vibrant business minded friends with a captivating idea for your wallet and your desires, using their unique experiences in the USA have created an online retail store to grab your attention and interest from the minute you see their brand name to the minute you open their online store page.

Paving the way for like minded young entrepreneurs taking on the big names in the market, the two young entrepreneurs have set up a retail store with prices to make you pull out your credit/debit cards and shop away without hesitating or thinking twice.

“”, the name says it all and with benefits galore, this online retail store is hoping to grow rapidly in the near future. It aims to bring you the best products backed by warranty for the lowest prices throughout the year. will be the first E-commerce site in Sri Lanka to go live with a responsive web design accessible to customers through mobile phones and tablets as well. has also integrated online secure payment gateways to make it a hassle free online shopping experience for everyone. When customers are sceptical about paying online, can call at 0117 900 444 and place orders and pay and pick up from their store located at No. 14, 1st floor, YMBA Building, Colombo 08. For more details about this start-up visit their website at:

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