4M Solar Rover Educational Toy

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4M Solar Rover Educational Toy

Place your Solar Rover on a smooth floor surface on a sunny day and watch it zip along. No batteries are required. The Solar Rover’s solar panel turns sunlight into the electricity that runs the motor. Recycle a soda can to make your solar rover unique. It’s a science project that’s green as well as fun! Contains 2 short screws, 1 medium screw, 1 long screw, 1 double-sided sticky pads, 2 terminal caps, 1 transparent chassis body, 2 reflector panels, 1 solar panel, 1 solar panel holder, 1 set solar panel support arm components (1 base joint, 1 short arm section, 1 long arm section and 1 top joint), 1 motor cover, 1 motor with wires and worm gear, 4 wheels, 1 axles, 1 chassis with rear axle in place, reflected sticker, detailed instructions. The size of Solar Rover is around 20cm in length when assembled Build this cool rover using the parts included and a soda can Learn how sunlight is converted to energy.

Detailed instructions included

Fun and educational.

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