Gymform Abstorm Abdominal Trainer

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Gymform Abstorm Abdominal Trainer

  • Burn fat and develop muscle at the same time
  • you will feel the your muscles working immediately
  • Perfect and varied exercises

By Ab Storm training sculpt the body by which you have always dreamed.

With only a few minutes of exercise a day, disappear unsightly “love handles” and the superfluous kilos quickly belong to the past.

Burning excess fat and develop abs

Abstorm combines intensive exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular system with a complete abdominal training.

Work out a few minutes a day and you burn fat, strengthen the heart and at the same time they train the superficial and rear abdominal muscles – and even the difficult muscles to be stimulated such as the lateral abdominal muscles.

Double effectively
At the same: cardiovascular and abdominal muscle training.
with diet and exercise guidance
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