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Beats-Speaker-Pill-XL-433x325 (2)

Beats Speaker Pill XL (Replica)


Product Description

Beats Speaker Pill XL




Brent Butterworth

• Bluetooth wireless audio capability
• Two 3-inch/75mm woofers
• Two 1.25-inch/32mm tweeters
• One passive radiator
• 3.5mm aux stereo analog input
• 3.5mm aux stereo analog output for daisy-chaining
• Five-segment LED battery gauge
• Micro USB output jack for charging
• Can be paired with another Pill XL for left/right stereo, or dual play for multiroom use
• Dimensions 4 in/100 cm diameter, 13.3 in/33.8 cm long
• Weight 3.3 lbs./1.5 kg

I’d say that’s a reasonable feature set. It’s a much much more muscular driver complement than the quartet of little 1-inchers in the original Pill. It also comes with a wall-wart style charger; like most of the larger Bluetooth speakers, its battery is too big to recharge off USB.

The pairing feature is especially cool. Yeah, lots of Bluetooth speakers have pairing now, but almost all offer only left/right stereo pairing — i.e., one speaker does left, the other does right. The Pill XL’s dual play function lets two of the units play the same tune, effectively daisy-chaining them wirelessly, so you can put one in one room and the other in an adjacent room, as long as they’re still within Bluetooth’s 15- to 30-foot range. And all you do to mate them is tap them together: once for dual play, twice for stereo left/right pairing.

I never had any problem operating the Pill XL. I never even bothered to look for the manual. There’s a Bluetooth mating button on the side, and the speaker mated quickly with my Samsung Galaxy S III phone and iPod touch every time.

I also loved the little handle molded into the back, which makes it easy to lug the Pill XL around.