Camy Non Stick Fry Pan

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Camy Non Stick Fry Pan

From preparing more challenging recipes to simply reheating the food, this Non-Stick Cookware Fry Pan from Camy ensures all-round performance in the kitchen. This Non-Stick Fry Pan comes with a glass lid. This cookware features enamel-coated exteriors made using the finest aluminium material for excellent conduction and distribution of heat. It is also finished with a triple layer non-stick coating, so that the food doesn’t stick to the surface. This red cookware set comes with an induction base which has Thermal Rings Technology (This increases the heating surface are and absorbs maximum heat from the flame by not allowing it to spread all round. This increases the thermal efficiency and saves gas cost), making it ideal for use on both gas stoves and induction cook tops.

Key Features of Camy Non Stick Fry Pan

  • Thermal Rings Technology
  • Induction Cooker Bottom
  • Non-stick
  • Glass Lid
  • Non-Toxic
  • Extremely durable
  • Designed to make cooking healthier & simpler


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