Coleman Duo CPX 6 LED Lantern


Coleman Duo CPX 6 LED Lantern

Two lanterns in one! Perfect for family camping; use as one large lantern or clip off the two light panels so that more than one person can have light at the same time.

Each individual light panel is rechargeable from the main unit and has its own independent switch.
  • Light output: 216 lumens for lantern, 92 lumens for light panel
  • Beam distance: 10 meters for lantern, 8 meters for light panel
  • Runtime: 56 hours of runtime in lantern mode. Each rechargeable panel runs for up to 2.3 hours when removed from charging base.
  • Batteries: Light includes 4 D battery cartridge (4D battery not included)
  • Features: Each lighting panel has individuall on/off switch, Lantern foldout foot allows individual panels to stand on their own, Wide handle openings accommodate work gloves, Tough polycarbonate lenses resists damage.
  • Size: 26.7cm T x 16.6cm W
  • Weight: 1335 g without power source, 1915 g with power source


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