Foot Brush

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Foot Brush

Bathroom Foot Brush Cleaning Slipper & Massage Scrubber With Sucker

Wearing shoes all day can cause a lot foot diseases like being full of cracks, causing dead skin, red and swelling.
Those sub healthy will effect your normal life and cause walking inconvenience.
Traditional methods to deal with foot dead skin are effectively but not drastically and sometimes even aggravating the illness.
The fitting foot design, soft, dense bristles can effectively release the foot fatigue.
The bristle contains de-germing agent so that its sterilizing effect is more obvious.

Material: TPR, PP
Size: about 35x23x7cm
Function: remove dead skin massage

How to use:
Putting your feet on the brush and move forward and backward. The brush can make massage for any acupoint of your feet and stimulating blood circulation of your feet and relax yourself.