Garnier Skin Natural White Complete Scrub – 100g

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Garnier Skin Natural White Complete Scrub – 100g

Product description :-

Exposure to sun,pollution and harsh environmental conditions makes skin appear dull and dark. Discover Garnier white complete exfoliation scrub: your everyday cleansing step to reveal brighter skin (It described all the reasons I was looking for a scrub).

Packaging and price:-

The packaging is the usual boring garnier tube with a screw open cap and a exceptionally wide mouth which dispenses more product than required. Even if the tube is left unattended horizontally with the cap open, the product sometimes comes oozing out all by itself :p Nothing attracted me about the packaging, I wouldn’t have noticed it if I wouldn’t have been looking for this.

Pros of Garnier’s White Complete Fairness Scrub:-

• Gel based (boon for oily skin girls)
• Did not dry out my skin (dry skinned beauties can use it followed by a moisturizer)
• Lemon extract and salicylic acid as a part of their ingredients. Lemon is known for its whitening properties and works great for oily skin.
• Scrub particles can be felt on the skin and you can feel them working.
• Reasonable and easily available