GETSUN Fuel System Treatment For Petrol Or Diesel Vehicles

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GETSUN Fuel System Treatment For Petrol Or Diesel Vehicles

GETSUN Fuel System Treatment for Petrol Vehicles (G8008) or Diesel Vehicles (G1099) is formulated to remove power-robbing deposits from all diesel or petrol fuel systems by safely and rapidly cleaning the entire fuel system. One treatment helps unclog injectors, quickly dissolving deposits to improve performance.

– Petrol Vehicles (G8008)
– Diesel Vehicles (G1099)
– Quantity: 250ml
– This product is designed especially for enhancing the fuel efficiency of the vehicle
– Using this product regularly can clean the fuel system of the vehicle effectively and keep it in good conditions
– Ensures normal atomization of fuel, enhance power, avoid starting failure, knocking, gaping and trembling, flame outing, poor acceleration, unstable idle speed, disability of engine and other problems
– Ensures the mixing proportion of fuel and gas more accurately, save fuel and reduce emission of tail gas
– Lubricates and protects the relevant parts of the fuel system, emulsify the water in the fuel tank and prevent rusting and erosion of the tank and fuel pipe
– Restrains mildewing in the fuel tank; prevent blocking of the fuel channel
– Harmless to catalytic converter, sensors and so on

• Next time you pump fuel, treat one full tank up to 40 Liters with 250ml GETSUN Fuel System Treatment.