LG 7KG Front Load Inverter Washing Machine – F1207NMTW


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LG 7KG Front Load Inverter Washing Machine – F1207NMTW


Less vibration , Less noise

The direct drive motor that powers our washing machines is super reliable and really quiet.

Optimal wash for fabrics with 6 Motion DD

Select a wash program and 6 Motion Direct Drive technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.

Full touch control

New full touch control boast a seamless and sleek design that brings a touch of sophistication to the home. Each model in the lineup offers a full touch control panel angled for maximum visibility.

Inverter Control

Inverter control system generates less speed fluctuations and consumes the exact amount of electricity needed at every step. This not only saves you water and energy but also ensures optimum washing performance.

Rinse Hold

After a rinse cycle, clothes stay suspended in the water without entering into the spin mode. The rinse hold cycle gives the option of an additional rinse cycle to release the rinse hold before entering the spin cycle. It prevents foul smell thereby maintaining the freshness of the clothes.

Baby Care

With the baby care feature the temperature reached up to 95 degree Celsius, all enzymes and bacteria are removed,also the gentle motor takes care of the quality of the clothes.Also no detergent residue remains in the clothes.


  • 5 Year Company Warranty only for Motor, and 1 Year for Body


Additional information

Washing Machine Type

Front Load, Fully Automatic, Inverter

Washing Machine Capacity

7 kg

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LG 7KG Front Load Inverter Washing Machine - F1207NMTW


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