Liqui Moly Gloss Waxing Shampoo

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Product Description

Liqui Moly Gloss Waxing Shampoo


Effective, multi-functional and pH-neutral quick-dispersing shampoo concentrate for washing vehicles by hand, and contains mild, skin-friendly, paintwork-friendly tensides and a high proportion of care ingredients. Washing, product care and drying are all made in a single procedure. The water film disperses immediately after rinsing, which helps stain-free drying of the vehicle. Among other applications, Gloss Waxing Shampoo is ideal for showrooms and general care, as previously applied polish and sealing products are not removed. The paintwork receives a high-gloss finish with long-lasting preservation and is thus protected against aggressive environmental influences.


Gloss Waxing Shampoo can be used for washing vehicles by hand or using a shampooing unit. For washing by hand, add 30 to 50 ml of Gloss Waxing Shampoo to 10 litres of water (depending on the water hardness), clean the vehicle using a cleaning glove or sponge, then wash off thoroughly with a soft, clear water jet. Remove residual water with a microfibre cloth or chamois leather.

Content – 10L