Liqui Moly Special Tec Fully Synthetic AA 5W-30 Engine Oil – 1L

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Liqui Moly Special Tec Fully Synthetic AA 5W-30 Engine Oil – 1L

Modern premium class low-friction motor oil that was specially developed for year-round use in Japanese and American vehicles. The combination of unconventional base oils using synthetic technology together with the latest additive technology guarantees a motor oil that provides exceptional protection against wear, reduces oil and fuel consumption and keeps the engine clean while ensuring fast oil penetration of the engine.

Intended use

Optimum for modern Japanese and American gasoline and diesel engines with multi-valve technology and turbocharging with and without charge air cooling. Especially suitable where there are long intervals between oil changes and heavy duty engine requirements.

Specifications and approvals


LIQUI MOLY also recommends this product for vehicles or assemblies for which the following specifications or original part numbers are required:
API CF ; Chrysler MS-6395 ; Daihatsu ; Ford WSS-M2C 946-A ; GM ; Honda ; Hyundai ; Kia ; Isuzu ; Mazda ; Mitsubishi ; Nissan ; Subaru ; Suzuki ; Toyota

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