Mr.Ti Window And Glass Cleaning System

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Mr.Ti Window And Glass Cleaning System

✔ Now you can clean all smooth and curved surfaces at lightning speed with smear and streak-free results.
✔ Mr. Ti is a window cleaner with integrated wastewater tank.
✔ No drips, smears or streaks!
✔ Lightweight. Easy to use.
✔ Patented water extraction tubes.
✔ Features a silicone lip instead of rubber.

Mr. Ti Window Cleaning System. Get your windows crystal clear with virtually no drips, No streaks, No leaks and no mess! Order today. Island-wide delivery.

Ever wanted a simple solution to streak and smear free windows and surfaces? The lightweight, easy to use Mr. Ti Cleaning System is truly a first of its kind– cleaning everything from windows and conservatories to tiled walls and quadrant showers, and it does this both streak and smear free!

What is in the box:

1 x Large Mr. Ti.
1 x Screw-mountable handle.
1 x Mr. Ti pre-wash tool.
1 x Mr. Ti microfiber pre-wash tool attachment.
1 x BONUS Mr. Ti Bucket.
1 x Mr. Ti Window Cleaning System Telescopic Pole