Philips 2 Slot Toaster HD4815/80


Philips 2 Slot Toaster HD4815/80


Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why skip it? If you’re worried about being late to work, then grab a quick bite in the morning by popping some fresh bread into the Philips HD4815/80 Compact Toaster!

Innovative Space Saving Design

The Philips HD4815/80 Compact Toaster comes in a sleek white design that’s easy to clean. It also blends easily into the interiors of your kitchen, and thanks to its squarish compact design, the Philips HD4815/80 Compact Toaster conveniently saves so much space on your countertop, giving room to other kitchen appliances to store.

Adjustable Browning Control

Toast your bread according to your liking with the Philips HD4815/80 Compact Toaster. It has an adjustable browning control so you can enjoy a crisp, cruncy texture beyong the spread today, and enjoy nicely soft toast on the next day. Either one of them or more, the Philips HD4815/80 Compact Toaster is going to toast it for you perfectly!


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