Philips AVENT Straw Cups SCF764


Philips AVENT Straw Cups SCF764

Keeps your straw cup hygienic always

Replacement silicone straws with cleaning brush

The Philips AVENT SCF764/01 replacement straw set with brush includes 2 replaceable
straw sets and a cleaning brush. This means that the straw in the cup can always be kept
clean and hygienic for use at anytime!

Replacement straw sets with brush
– For 9oz straw cups
– Includes 2 replacement straw sets and a cleaning brush

Easy to clean
– Brush enables easy cleaning of the straw
– Straws can be sterilized for hygiene purposes
– All parts are dishwasher safe for convenience


Country of origin
– China

What is included
– Replacement straws: 2 sets
– Brush: 1 pcs

Development stages
– Stages: 12 months +, 18 months +


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