Philips Multi Grooming Kit Shaver QG3320

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Philips Multi Grooming Kit Shaver QG3320

You have to attend that early morning client meeting and need to look presentable. So you take a shower and reach for your Philips QG3320 Trimmer to get rid of that stubble and unwanted hair from your face. You can use this trimmer with foam and water or dry in accordance with your time and convenience. This Philips Trimmer has a foil shaver which gives you a closer shave and is good for people who need to use it on a daily basis.

Comfort After a shave you can clean the trimmer with the help of the cleaning brush. As this trimmer has skin-friendly blades you need not worry about getting rashes or deep cuts on your face.

Body and Features Being cordless, this Philips QG3320 Trimmer makes sure that you have a safe and easy shaving experience. With a use time of 35 minutes, the trimmer will let you shave in peace without any interruptions or charging requirements. For men who fancy their moustache and like to groom it, this Philips QG3320 Trimmer is equipped with a beard and moustache comb. Equipped with a full-sized trimmer for the neck line and rotary nose trimmer, this accessory ensures that you look presentable and handsome at the end of your shave.

The popup trimmer feature helps groom your sideburns and moustache easily. A good shave is almost always essential to man’s appearance. When a shave is done with precision, it is evident on the face and helps win admiring glances from others.

Quick Overview

  • 2 year warranty
  • Cordless
  • Recharge Time 600 min
  • Use Time 35 min
  • Skin-friendly Trimmer Blades
  • Easy Style Maintenance
  • 2 Combs
  • Beard and Moustache Comb (Range / Steps): 1 – 18 / 1 mm
  • Sideburns and Chin
  • Waterproof Multigroom
  • Adjustable Beard Comb with 18 Length Settings
  • 21 mm Beard Trimmer
  • Number of Attachments: 2
  • Full-sized Trimmer for Neck Line
  • Rotary Nose Trimmer


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