Promate Compact Wireless Mini Keyboard for Apple TV – Siri Keyboard

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Starting රු6,867.00රු7,630.00


Promate Compact Wireless Mini Keyboard for Apple TV – Siri Keyboard


2-in-1 Functionality

The Promate Siri Keyboard is not just any ordinary keyboard, but it also acts as an Apple TV Remote Holder if you turn it around. The premium crafted frame is a perfect fit for your apple tv remote and holds its securely in place. And now you don’t have to search the entire house for the remote as it is safely secured behind the Promate Siri Keyboard. The 2 in 1 Functionality helps you to switch fast between the keyboard and the touch controller without swapping for the remote. You just need to invert the Siri Keyboard and you have the Apple TV Remote and if you want to switch back just invert again.

Protective Frame Crafted for a Perfect Fit

The Protective frame of the Siri Keyboard is crafted to perfection to fit the Apple TV Remote perfectly and snuggly. The protective edges of Siri Keyboard also protect your Siri Remote® from accidental bumps or drops and protect it from scratches and chips and keep it pristine and shining as new.

Handheld mini Bluetooth keyboard for Apple TV

Hold it with your hands and input characters, more quick and convenient than Siri remote. Connect apple tv via built-in Bluetooth, the working range last up to 30 ft, it’s enough indoor. 44 keys include page up and down, delete, symbol and enter, it’s enough to type and search movies. Input the characters with thumb, should be careful to hit two keys.

Another Side for the Use of Remote

The back of keyboard holds the remote to secure it from losing and drop. Hold remote with keyboard together, make the navigation conveniently. Big size than remote with better touch feeling

Ergonomic and Sleek Shape for Comfortable Typing

The Promate Sirikeyboard is designed while keeping in mind the comfortability of the user. The ergonomically contoured shape design keeps your hands in a relaxed position for effortless typing

Dedicated for Apple TV Remote

Designed for Apple tv 4th generation and new apple tv 4k combine the Promate Sirikeyboard QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard with apple tv remote into a single unit, keep both for ease of use.

Whisper Quite Low-Profile Keys

This Promate Sirikeyboard comes with whisper quite keys which are soft and silent for a comfortable and feel-good typing experience. The keys are made low profile and silent which barely makes a sound so that you can work and type effortlessly without any disturbance.

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Promate Compact Wireless Mini Keyboard for Apple TV - Siri Keyboard

Starting රු6,867.00රු7,630.00