Quantum 2Kg Pair Ankle Wrap Weights

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Product Description

Quantum 2Kg Pair Ankle Wrap Weights


Using a Nylon-blend material for the very soft comfortable outer shell, the Proform 2kg Ankle Wrap Weights (Pair) are a great way to get that little bit of extra intensity into your workouts. The easy attach system uses Velcro and a convenient PVC moulded pull tab for that very tight and comfortable fit, the butterfly shaped design doesn’t limit the movement of the ankle to make it that bit more comfortable. With each ankle weight weighing 1kg each you will be adding just enough weight to give you that extra workload for workouts, great for toning and increasing workout intensity to build muscle and improve endurance.


  • 2x 1kg Weights
  • Butterfly Design
  • Nylon-Blend Material
  • Flexible PVC Molded Pull Tab


90 Days