Quantum Power Pack – Sand Bag

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Product Description

Quantum Power Pack – Sand Bag


It’s time to add power to your plyometrics with the Proform Adjustable Power Pack. A simple way to add resistance to your workouts, this 9kg Power Pack adjusts from 2.3kg up to 9kg, offering you plenty of weight combinations to suit every training session. Whether it’s strength training or a plyometric workout, adding the Power Pack cheats your body into working herder so you can achieve maximum results.

There are so many ways to use the Power Pack – hold the straps in your hands during a wide range of exercises or even rest on your raised legs as you perform sit ups.

The vest comes with the Proform Max Extreme Cross-Training Workout DVD, which includes a digital 60 day workout calendar, nutrition guide and exercise chart.


  • Adjustable resistance (9kg): 5 x 1.4kg weight packets (adjusts from 2.3-9kg)
  • Secure straps: for easy handling during exercises
  • Max Extreme Cross-Training DVD: 60 day workout calendar, nutrition guide and exercise chart


90 Days