Quantum Tricep Pushup Stands

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Quantum Tricep Pushup Stands


The Proform Triceps and Push Up Stand is the ultimate training tool for powerful upper body stability training. Its unique curved design provides an unstable surface, demanding more from your muscles to perform exercises. With every push up or tricep dip, you’re effectively activating more muscles and pushing your body far harder, resulting in increased strength, sculpted abs and incredibly toned chest and arms.

So easy to use, you simply rest the stand on the floor, grab the handles and start pushing. Complete with adjustable handles (narrow to wide), you can tweak for perfect form and for alternative exercises. Complete with workout DVD and nutrition guide.

The Proform Triceps and Pushup Stand is a unique design which features an unstable surface for more muscle-building activation in every workout.


Curved bar: provides an unstable platform to activate more muscles and power

Adjustable handles: narrow to wide for a perfect fit with every exercise

Included accessories: workout DVD, nutrition guide


90 Days