Smart Spider Universal Car Phone Holder

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Smart Spider Universal Car Phone Holder

The GripGo hands-free mount allows you to easily glance at your phone for safe driving. You can position it anywhere on the dashboard, and use it with any phone model. The GripGo hands-free mount instantly grabs hold of your phone.. and keeps hold, letting go instantly when you remove the phone. It leaves no sticky residue behind!

Talk and drive safely with the GripGo Universal Car phone mount! No more reaching for your phone and taking your eyes off the road while you drive. The GripGo mounts to your dash or windshield. No adhesives or tools needed. Instantly grips any style phone or GPS. Unique Polymer surface acts like a million suction cups that instantly grip and release over and over again. A 360-degree pivoting mount allows you to always get the perfect viewing angle. The phone stays secure directly in front of you. GripGo Phone Mount allows you to talk on your phone while still driving safely. This car mount, instantly grabs yours phone and holds it in place. The mount is compatible with a variety of phones. You will always be able to find your phone when it is attached to the mount.


The Smart Spider Phone Holder is a nifty and convenient gadget that has suction power for any phone, big or small. With a 360 degree rotating bracket, you can view your screen from any angle. Installation is as simple as placing it on your dashboard and sticking your phone on. Hands free with attitude.

Product Description:

Universal phone holder with suction cup bracket

360 degree Rotating Bracket to view the screen from any angle

Easy to install, Convenient to use;

Compact and Fashionable

Available in Black only

Packaging Dimension: 11cm x 17 cm


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