Snake Bit Drill Bit Extender

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Snake Bit Drill Bit Extender


Extend Your Power Drill’s Reach up to 12”

Make your power drill jobs easier with Snake Bit Drill Bit Extender, As Seen on TV. This universal drill bit extender attaches in seconds to your power drill, adding a whole foot of flexible length. The durable 12” body bends up to 90° in any direction. Now you can reach into all those tight spaces and awkward angles more safely. Perfect for any number of projects around the house including plumbing, carpentry, automotive maintenance and DIY home repairs.

Get Better Reach with this Flexible Drill Extender

How many times have you abandoned a project because your drill simply couldn’t reach? This flexible drill extension adds amazing versatility to your drill or the included ratchet driver. Get easier access to awkward mounting screws in closet shelf systems, window treatments, ceiling fans and more. Your new “some assembly required” furniture will be ready to go in a fraction of the time. Use Snake Bit for keeping your car in tip-top shape, too. No more straining to gain a suitable angle; Snake Bit does the bending for you!

Snake Bit Drill Bit Extension Flexes Up To 90°

So, how does this drill extender work? Inside the black rubber casing is a sturdy steel linking mechanism that attaches to your electric drill or ratchet. Simply slide Snake Bit into place, choose the appropriate head and get going with your project. The extra length and flexible angles turn challenging jobs into proud accomplishments. Soon, you’ll be checking off all those nagging items on your DIY to-do list.

An Extension Bit for Beginners & Pros

Don’t shy away from your next power drill project. With the perfect angled reach for any job, Snake Bit drill bit extension rod puts the power in your hands. You can save money on the cost of a handyman by performing necessary repairs yourself. Get creative with your hobbies and make household improvements as you discover confidence in your abilities. Comes with a Bonus ratchet tool and six circular driver heads. Stainless steel/plastic.

For those who already consider themselves pretty handy or for beginners, Snake Bit Drill Bit Extender, As Seen on TV will be a welcome addition to their toolbox.