Toshiba 34200BTU Split Under Ceiling Inverter Air Conditioner


Toshiba 34200BTU Split Under Ceiling Inverter Air Conditioner


  • Allows step-less regulation of the air-conditioner’s power, which reduces energy consumption and improves comfort
  • Air inlet grilles move automatically to fill every corner of the room with warm or cool air
  • Built-in long-life filter makes maintenance easier
  • Automatic air volume control. Depending on the differences between the room temperature and the set temperature the unit switches automatically between high, low and very low
  • When using the heater for preheating or defrosting, stops the indoor fan to prevent cold air from being blown into the room
  • Automatically switches between cooling and heating modes
  • Gradually dehumidifies the room to create even greater comfort
  • Comfortable ambience with very quiet operation. Greatly reduces the noise level to half that of conventional units. The operation is always quiet.

Charges of Removing an existing Air Conditioner

9000BTU to 24000BTU – Rs.1,500.00
30000BTU to 60000BTU – Rs.2,500.00

CapacityCost of Additional Piping ( per 1M) Rs.
Cost of P.V.C. Casing (per 1M) Rs.
9000BTU – 24000BTU2200.00800.00
30000BTU – 60000BTU2600.00800.00

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