Liqui Moly Pro-Line Silicone Spray

Liqui Moly

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Product Description

Liqui Moly Pro-Line Silicone Spray


Silicone-based release agent, lubricant and protective agent free of mineral oils and greases. Protects, lubricates, maintains and insulates. Does not stain. Antistatic effect (dust repellent). Eliminates squeaks, creaking and sluggishness. Offers long-lasting protection against wear. Versatile application, particularly in areas where oil or grease-based lubricants are not desired or would interfere with subsequent finishing work.


Spray thinly and evenly on the parts to be treated. Repeat treatment if necessary. Do not work in the vicinity of painted areas. Do not spray on food or on parts of machinery that come into direct contact with food. The fold-out capillary tube ensures precision spraying. If the capillary tube is left folded in, large areas can be sprayed. Overhead spraying also possible.

Content – 400ml