Kent Gold As Arsenic 20 Liters Water Purifier

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Kent Gold As Arsenic 20 Liters Water Purifier

Non Electric Gravity Purifier that removes Arsenic well, besides removing Bacteria & Cysts from water.


  • Removes Arsenic, from water
  • Most Economical
  • UF & Media Technology World’s No. 1st
  • Removes Bacteria and cysts as well
  • High water storage capacity – up to 20 liters
  • Certified for Quality by world renowned organizations WQA and NSF


The raw water to be purified is made to pass through a series of filters which ensures that you you get only pure, safe and clean water drinking water. The purification process starts with the sediment filter. which removes all physical and heavy impurities. The water is then made to pass through, specially designed media, which removes arsenic and chemicals. Water is then made to pass through a state of the art UF membrane, which arrests Bacteria and Cysts. the innovative three stage water purification process allows supply of purified water without use of chemicals like Bromine,  Chlorine Etc.

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